The Beneficial Effects Poultry Has On Your Health

Poultry is responsible for a large amount of our daily diets and we are lucky it has quite a few health benefits to it. From the egg that starts it all to chicken and turkey, all are rich in protein and have a variety of benefits that will make you want to incorporate them more into your diet. It is fair to say that poultry gets a bit of a bad reputation thanks to the fast food industry, but all this should do for you is deter you from eating unhealthily and also learning more about how the produce we eat is looked after and cared for.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the real benefits that having poultry in your diet can have and why it offers a good replacement to other meats like beef and pork.

Just as chicken meat is, eggs are an excellent source of protein and they are literally a staple food and ingredient in a lot of cooking. They contain both B vitamins and selenium, making them a great way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even migraines! The bulk of the protein is in the whites and the nutrients in the yolk, however the yolk is also where the majority of the calories are as well as a source of vitamin D. To make the most of each part people tend to have omelets that use several egg whites and just one yolk. Raw egg is also used in a lot of home remedies for hair and is a cheap way to give yourself a pamper session.

Chicken Breast
Chicken is the staple of many people’s meals. The chicken breast being an amazing source of lean protein and this not only makes it the perfect choice for those seeking to build muscle but also fro those looking to lose weight. In regards of its benefits, chicken breast is believed to be a method preventing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. There are also a host of other benefits that a lot of people won’t be aware of past the point that it is high in protein. Chicken breast contains selenium, an antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy skin and joints, B vitamins that can help prevent cataracts and zinc, a mineral that helps prevent muscular degeneration. Be sure to remove the skin though and don’t go for it deep-fried!

Making your own chicken broth is a great way of providing a base for sauces, soups and stews. We all know how good chicken soups is said to be for you but try to make your own rather than opting for premade tinned soup as they can be high in sodium. Broth can also be bought from shops but also bear this last point in mind too.

If you are looking for an alternative to chicken then turkey is just the one. Often neglected entirely till Christmas time, turkey is generally a cheaper alternative than chicken and this makes it ideal for larger families. Lean ground turkey has plenty of health benefits from not only being a high source of protein but also like chicken it aids in weight management and treating cardiovascular disease. Turkey bacon, whilst rare in the UK (unless you visit a butcher) is a healthier alternative to traditional pork bacon!